Managing Humans (2nd Edition)


9 / 10

I'd been excited to read this one for a while, since I've been reading Rands' blog for ages, ever since I found "What to do When You're Screwed" in "The Best Software Writing I" a couple years back. Managing Humans did not disappoint and it brought with it a slew of aspects of management to chew on and consider as I transition into more of a leadership position.

I'm not sure the subtitle was overly accurate -- the tales didn't seem overly biting or humorous to me -- but the solidly layed out explanations on management and processes aimed at those from a bit more of a technical background than tends to be the norm for management was certainly a great read.

I found myself setting the book down several times as I finished chapters to give myself a few minutes to consider what I'd read.

I'll certainly need to track down Rands' other book ("Being Geek") as well as catch up on his backlog of articles. Love his writing style and I definitely feel like I got a lot out of this.