Berry Punch

2:1:1 Vodka:lemonade:berry juice (I recommend Strawberry, but most will work). Toss in about two teaspoons of frozen mixed berries, then shake a bit (not too vigourously). Pour into a highball glass, garnish with lemon slices and mint sprigs.

2VS-Le-Jberryfrozen berries + 2(LiGm)


1.5oz gin : .5oz blue curaçao : 1 dash bitters. Mix and shake into ice.


Chocolate Martini

Baileys, chocolate liqueur, and vodka; even ratio. For maximum presentation, rim a martini glass with chocolate sauce, squirt a bit into the glass, then pour in the booze (shaken with ice then strained).

VLirish creamLchocolateSchocolate

Gin Rickey

2 generous shots of Gin and one of sour, stir into a glass of soda and ice. Garnish with lime and cherry.

2G+Lisoda + LiC

Hemingway Daiquiri

Mix 4:2:2:3:1 shots of dark rum, cherry liquor, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and simple syrup, add ice and shake, strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wheel and brandied cherry skewered together.


Honey Old Fashioned

Shake two parts bourbon and dark rum with one of white rum, then mix in 2oz of water, a lump of sugar, and a dash of bitters. Stir to dissolve.


Rainbow Lagoon

Pour one shot grenadine, then fill the glass with ice. Mix 4:2 shots pineapple juice and coconut rum, the pour slowly onto the ice. Mix a half shot of blue curacao with twice as much water, then pour slowly as the third layer. The trick is to pour onto the ice cubes so you get a real soft landing and the layers stay separate!

Sc= 4Jpineapple2Rc= 2H2OLorange-

Whipped White Russian

Shake a shot of heavy cream and half a shot simple syrup with some ice until it melts, pour 1.5 shots each of rum and coffee liquor into a glass filled with ice, then strain in the cream mix. Garnish with whipped cream.

S-MheavyR+L+coffee+ Mwhipped

Whiskey Sour

Two shots bourbon, one of simple syrup, and a bit of lime. Dry shake with egg white, then add two drops of bitters and shake again with ice. Strain into a frozen glass, garnish with a cherry.

2WbSLi-E + 2♄C


Cherry. Sometimes with a modifier for eg. brandied or sour cherries. Technically a garnish, but popular enough for me to avoid the nesting.
Egg white.
Gin. With a modifier, means garnish; eg. Gm for mint.
Water. Specifically, liquid water; ice is handled via the mixing shapes.
Juice. Flavour provided as a modifier.
Liquor. Flavour provided as a modifier.
Lime Juice.
Milk or cream.
Rum. Possible modifiers include coconut, dark, spiced, and white.
Syrup. Symple syrup by default, flavoured with a modifier such as cherry (ie. Grenadine), sour, or orange.
Sugar, ie. finely granulated white sugar.
Whiskey. Possible modifiers include bourboun, irish, rye, and scotch.
Bitters (by the dash). Don't ask me why I started using the alchemical symbol for lead to denote bitters, I'm sure it made sense at the time.
+ or -
Half a shot more or less than described.


Shake with ice, strain into glass.
Dry shake.
Fill glass and stir.
, , or
Reversing the symbol means "add ice".
Construct rather than mix, eg. for creating layers.


Simple Syrup
I tend to prefer a 1:1 mix between water and sugar.
Sour Mix
4:3:2 ratio of simple syrup, lime juice, and lemon juice.
Brandied Cherries
Take pitless cherries (preferably sour), toss them in a mason jar with brandy syrup (2:3:4 ratio of sugar:water:cheap brandy, melted together). Cool at least 30m.