Darkest Nights


Writing - Poetry

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Here's another one of my old works from years back. Still working on getting motivated enough to write something new.

The darkest nights and brightest days
Are when we throw our souls away
For greed or lust or spite
When Devils come to offer aid
When Angels ever stay away
In the darkness of the night

For who will save a corrupt soul?
A broken man who is not whole?
A fell beast in disguise
Not Angels high who care for nothing
Nor Devils low who want for anything
Nor those with weeping eyes

For Angels live to serve their god
Who would not deign on Earth to trod
Who governs with indifference
And Demons live not to defeat
But to corrupt those on retreat
Those with no resistance

For yea, though forces watch o'er us
They would not place in us their trust
They would not care but to corrupt
Their influence: abrupt
Some care nothing but to destroy
And who will save us from their joy?
Not those who watch but act annoyed
And no one can hide.

As always, this article is available on GitHub. Comments (ie. issues) are welcome!