The Drums Beat


Writing - Poetry

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Its been a while since I've had more than a passing moment to write. University has been time-consuming and my hobbies have suffered. That said, it (writing) is certainly something I want to get back into. Here's hoping that posting some of my previous works will be enough to motivate me.

The drums beat.
Driving us, pushing us,
The Sun sets behind us.
We don't halt, we don't rest.
Continuing forward,
To triumph or defeat.
We, the children of old,
Following the old ways,
The old thoughts, the cycles.
Knowing the story,
The rhythm of life,
Its rises and falls.
We march, sent by the drums,
To end it,
To break free.
It has happened before,
And perhaps again,
But there can't be peace,

As always, this article is available on GitHub. Comments (ie. issues) are welcome!