Summer Job at Cholakis Dental Group



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This was my first formal job, and it went about as smoothly as you would expect. I was really thrown into the deep-end here: though I'd done some coding and work with computers, I'd never been solely responsible for medical-level network security, large network administration, web development and maintenance, and managing several graphics designers... (duh!)

I ended up doing a large amount of network analysis and security work. Before I got there, the network had been a loose collection of various technologies which had been poorly tied together, at best. Afterwards... well, they're called "security standards" for a reason.

I also spent a good portion of my time maintaining websites -- of which there were several, since CDG was the parent company of several smaller practices -- and designing new ones. This gave me my first taste of management, as well, since the two designers I worked with were tasked with designing the resources I would need for the websites.

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